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DP Curriculum

The Diploma Program:

The programme is a comprehensive two-year international curriculum, available in English, French and Spanish, that generally allows students to fulfil the requirements of their national systems, without being based on any one. Internationally mobile students are able to transfer from one IB school to another.


The programme has the strengths of a traditional and broad curriculum, but with three important additional features, shown at the centre of the hexagonal curriculum model.


a) Creative, Action, Service (CAS)

The IBO’s goal is to educate the whole person and develop compassionate citizens. The CAS programme encourages students to share their energy and special talents with others : students may, for example, participate in theatre or musical productions, sports and community service activities. Students should, through these activities develop greater awareness of themselves, concern for others, and the ability to work cooperatively with people in their community

b) Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

Theory of Knowledge is an interdisciplinary requirement intended to stimulate critical reflection on the knowledge and experience gained inside and outside the classroom. The course challenges students to question the bases of knowledge, to be aware of subjective and ideological baises and to develop the ability to analyse evidence that is expressed in rational argument.

c) Extended Essay (4,000 words)

The IBO recommends that a student devote a total of about 40 hours of private study and writing time to the essay, which may be written in one of 60 subjects, including many languages. The essay permits students to deepen their programs of study, for example, by selecting a topic in one of their higher level (HL) course.

Subject Choices

Students choose six subjects from the six academic areas around the hexagonal curriculum model. These subjects are studied concurrently, and students are required to study in both humanities and the sciences, as well as a second language.

Admission criteria

The Diploma programme is a pre university course designed by IB for the age group of 16-19 years. Any student seeking admission into IB DP should have passed Grade X in CBSE/IGCSE/State board.

IB Diploma Subjects to be offered by DRSIS.

1.Group 1 ( Language A1) – English A1
2.Group 2 ( Second Language) –French B & Ab initio, Hindi B
3.Group 3 (Individuals and Societies) – Business Management, Economics
4.Group 4 (Experimental Sciences) – Chemistry, Biology, Physics
5.Group 5 (Mathematics ) – Mathematics HL & SL
6.Group 6 (Arts & Electives) – Visual Arts.

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