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PYP Curriculum

Primary Years Programme:

What is the curriculum framework?

aThe curriculum framework consists of five essential elements: concepts, knowledge, skills, attitude, action. The knowledge component is developed through inquiries into six transdisciplinary themes of global significance, supported and balanced by six subject areas.

This is illustrated by the hexagon below

The curriculum framework is further structured around three interrelated questions.

1. What do we want to learn? The written curriculum.

2. How best will we learn? The taught curriculum.

3. How will we know what we have learned? The learned curriculum.

Continuing Development

DRS International School was founded in June-2003.The school continues to work towards the improvement of student learning, focusing on curriculum development, professional development and organisational development.

Coordinators have been appointed for the different levels, collaborative planning meetings at all levels and across sections are taking place regularly. Curriculum documents are being reviewed, input from the different constituencies in the school is solicited actively, and decisions are being documented systematically.

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